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Legal Errands, Inc. has been in business since 1994 and has provided the legal industry in the Philadelphia region with exceptional services. We have recently expanded our services to Real Estate Investors as we can provide “boots on the ground” in the Philadelphia area. Feel free to contact us by completing our form or call us at 215-751- 1124.

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About Us

Legal Errands, Inc. has been providing various services to attorneys such as process serving, skip tracing, courthouse services, investigations, witness statements and more. Business partners since 1999, company President Joseph O’Donovan and Vice-President Shawn Schaffer have over 40 years of combined experience in the Litigation Support Industry. Our wealth of experience combined with our knowledge of the local communities, and our relationships with law enforcement and community leaders give us a strategic edge when providing our services.

Litigation Support Services:

Nationwide Process Service

We specialize in serving all types of legal documents. They include subpoenas, summonses, complaints, notices, writs, divorces, landlord/tenant case, and more. We have local process servers and have access to a network of process servers throughout the country.

Skip Tracing

For evasive recipients or hard to find persons or companies, we offer basic or comprehensive skip tracing services. Using local, state and nationwide databases, we are able to locate addresses and/or phone numbers depending on your needs. Bulk rate pricing available.

Courthouse Research and Document Retrieval

We research and retrieve documents filed in courthouses locally and nationwide. Examples are civil pleadings, deeds, mortgages, and more.

Litigation Photography

We photograph property defects, plaintiff injuries, property damage, and any other evidence that will support your case.

Personal Injury and Witness Statement Interviews

We will interview potential clients and secure signatures on all necessary legal documents in order for attorneys to bring in a new case without delay. We will also locate and secure written witness statements from potential witnesses.

Traveling Notary

We have two Pennsylvania notaries in house who will travel to notarize and secure signatures for you important documents.

Real Estate Investor Services:

Property Inspections (Boots On The Ground)

For out of the area Real Estate Investors, we will visit any property in the Philadelphia area and obtain photographs of the property from the outside along with photographs of the street and report back to the client important information that may impact their decision on any potential investment.

We also will take detailed photographs of inside the property including every room along with photographs of the mechanicals in order for an investor to make an informed decision on their investment. We will supply the investor with the photographs and a narrative summarizing our opinion of the potential investment.

We can visit properties during the rehabilitation/construction phase and report back to the client on the progress of the rehab.

Cash For Keys Services

We will act as an intermediary between the landlord and occupant in order to satisfy a cash for keys arrangement. Property owners, after experiencing an adversarial situation with a current occupant may want to use a buffer in order safely exchange cash for keys.

Occupancy Inspections

We will visit a property on multiple occasions in order to verify whether a property is vacant.

Skip Tracing

For Investors and/or Wholesalers who are looking for current addresses and/or phone numbers of distressed property owners, we offer bulk rate skip tracing services. Our source of data is from several nationwide subscription database service companies.

For any questions about process serving or our other litigation assistance services, please don't hesitate to call us at (215) 751-1124 or email [email protected].

Commonly Asked Process Serving Questions

What is service of process?
According to United States legal procedure, all parties must be notified if they are facing legal action against them in a court of law. Notification of the legal case (called service of process) is accomplished through delivery of documents describing the legal action. The documents served can include subpoenas, complaints, summonses, writs and order to show cause.

Why should I hire a process server?
There are many reasons why you should hire a professional process server to carry out this service of process. Many defendants do not understand the legal nature of being served process and therefore act in an evasive manner. Process servers are experienced with seeking out, finding, and legally serving someone looking to avoid service.

What about having a sheriff serve my documents?
Sheriffs can legally serve process in Pennsylvania, but they are often less invested and less experienced than a professional process server. Additionally, if someone is wishing to avoid being served, the sheriff will be much more conspicuous. A highly experienced process serving company like Legal Errands will be more effective and can also offer additional services like court research and retrieval and witness statements.

Is it important to hire a Philadelphia process server?
You should hire a process server who is familiar with the laws and regulations surrounding service of process in the state where the defendant resides. Legal Errands not only knows the laws, but also law enforcement and the geography of the area. We can more easily find your recipient and make sure we legally serve them so that our clients can avoid delays. It is also usually cheaper to hire a process server in state.

What is a Subpoena?
A subpoena (sometimes called a writ or summons) is a formal request to appear in court or other legal proceedings or to provide a variety of documents that are important to the case. The subpoena is court ordered and must be delivered to the recipient in the best way possible, ideally in person. Although there are subpoenas issued for a variety of different circumstances, they are most often for divorce, child custody, personal injury, and sex offender cases. If you need to have a subpoena served, discuss it with an experienced process server first. Improper service of process can result in delays in your case and expensive fees.


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